Friday, June 27, 2008

parachute by sean lennon

Love is like an aero plane
You jump and then you pray
The lucky ones remain
In the clouds for days
If life is just a stage
Let's put on the best show
And let everyone know
Cause if I have to die tonight
I'd rather be with you
Cut the parachute before the dive
Baby don't you cry
You have to bring me down
We had some fun before we hit the ground

Love is like a hurricane
You know it's on the way
You think you can be brave
Underneath the waves
If life is just a dream Which of us is dreaming
And who will wake up screaming
Cause if I have to die tonight
I'd rather be with you
Cut the parachute before the dive
Baby don't you cry
You have to bring me down
We had some fun before we hit the ground
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date;
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

yeah. i dont know im putting this. it just run trough my mind. i guess this is for my beloved person i guess and to all my friends. no matter if u r boy or girl. this is for u guys :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

thr33 grateful days.

heah. the reasons of me typing this blog now is just to show how much grateful i am in this three days. for some it might be like finding cryptonite(belasah ja thulis) but for me this thing happen for real. day first, in the dark night all my housemate is starving for food. than amer katek came up n say that lets call mcD. i treat u all supper tonite. wooooo. second day in a row makan mekdi kot. hahaha. but the second time is nicer because no cents are use. haha. free babe. the second night. kirin buzz me in ym. he, well of course at elle's house n oly god know what he does there. haha. ok back to the story. he ask me. da makan.? lapa dak.? n i said tak lagay. he said that he want to tapaw for me. i think quite long on decide what to eat. then he said sapa ada umah.? i said suma ada. hah. then he came with a brilliant idea that he want to buy kfc. haha seee how lucky my days are. first mekdi. then kfc. n today. i never feel so starve like today. came back home without having lunch. oh feels like hell actually. i said to faris aizat n ikram that how lapar i am. sapek lying down playing his psp n said. apa kata kalaw kita suma kuar makan. aku belanja. pileh ja nk makan mana. we all cant even decide where to eat at first cause me n ikram wanted to eat at secret recipe while faris n aizat want to eat at nando's. sapek said he just follow our decision. then faris call kirin and ask him to choose between SR or nando. he said nando. then nando it is. eat like we never eat before because of the starveness, haha. see. hoe lucky i am these three day.? thank god. hahahhaa. dont be jealouse ok.

n n aizat burn his tounge n fingers from playing with cigar. that's all. :))

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

time to fade.

sup homosapiens. its me in front the lappy dont know what going to do. so i remember that i have a blog n that blog is kinda rusty already. hahaa. sorry for my crapping. now im in the third sem. that mean i have another 4 sem to finish my stdy n pursue my true dream that is.......... sorry to say icant tell what is it. just a few people know what my gold in life is. n i hope if the people who know what i mean i hope he or she just kept for themself. its hard though to fade from the people u love especially when u spent time with them almost all the time. but i guess if i wanna pursue what i want in life. that what i'll have to do. n hope it wont be that hard for me. n for the people around me i hope u all pray for me so that i can achieve what i trully want in this world. n for that i just wanna say sorry for what i've done :).

n this time is real. i know i'm kinda maen maen type of person. but this shit is real. i dont talk rubbish this time. amen.

Monday, April 14, 2008

quitting college party barbeque

last sunday all of my fren gathers at brunsfield to have a nice bbq party for me as im quitting college. the person who make this party happen is yaz as she is the first person whom i told that im gonna quit my stdy. so we all gather n have a nice party. at first just a few of my frens know that im quitting stdy but yaz told to me to tell everybody that im quitting stdy at that party.haha party ka weh. bantai ja ah. so i told everybody at that party n every one was like sad n stuff. the person who is the most sad i guess xema kot because she keeps asking me not to quit my stdy sebab dia tada kawan kat kelas. n the others was like weh kerja la sama macam kitorang kat sunway n keep asking me to work.

n now i wanna say sorry to u guys cause i was not going to quit college la. it was just a practical joke that i made to yaz earlier. then came up with the idea of making the barbeque party n said to everybody that i have some announcement to make at that party. ekceli we wanna to have fun ja. everybody gather chatting singing and stuff. so im not going to quit college n u all doesnt have to keep asking me working la. hahahahahhahah..

p/s: yaz pwas da aty kaw skang aku da bgtaw suma org. cehhhh. kalaw tak kaw sorang ja taw semua kan kan. hahahahahhahah. n geng plis dont hate me. its not me alone came up with this idea. its yaz too ok. no heart feelings ok. hahahahhaha :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

club anyone.?

although is not been that long since i last update my blog someone just keep telling me update my blog. so here i am putting my fat ass in front of my lappy at 5.25 in the morning.
i just got home from the zone in stulang, jb. me n my frens were bored and has no plan what to do. so we all decided to have fun there at level 4. as we reached there we all riki riki all the clubs there. n because of we dont have that many cash we decided to lepaking at level 4* no cover charge n cheap air la there. there was a life band performing when we got in. their band were so cool n thier voice fuhhhh gelababay punyea serak basah. then we layan that for an hour before the RnB song was played. my fren aman*kaki shaffle start to dance n follow by asip. at first i was just sit and drink my coke.hahahah. im not a drinker la demmit. but with all the paksa n there this one girl fren of aman ajak dance la. punyea la malas at first. padahal gua kayu ja. kasi excuse la kan apalagay but they keep asking me to join them dance n i was... yeah dance my butt of. hahahah just a simple dance ja. just tapping my foot like the irish tap dance hahahah.just kidding. but boleh la layan ja lagu dan mmbe tesayang. after the club close we went to singgah selalu were all the clubbing kaki lepak after club la kan. so i just follow aman there. have some drinks and chat we decided to get home as it wasa already 4.30. so i have to send aman asip n haikal(jantan celakha kena paksa dance baru dance). so that was it. n tomorrow aman's fren are going to have birthday party at place call solivate apalancaw ntah n aman ask me to teman dia esok. ngk la cemna kalaw rajen sebab aku bukan kaki pon n tada pompuan ta shiokk la beb.hahahah. so that wasa it la. now i think i wanna sleep cause havent sleep in two days already n bibik pon da start menyapu dah depan sana. haish to bed la now. ciao dulu la babe. .lu org mmg gerek sehh (faris bob dan laen2) maen pool ta ajak sehhhh. tggu la gua dulu. n can someone please fetch me at seks 17 this sunday afternoon.??? cause faris maw anta kereta pergay chat la.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

tataw la apa nk bg tajok baca ja laaaahanat.

its me in the boring day.
i know it been long since i updated my blog. n here i goes..

i dont wanna talk muck about my vacation in pd cause that vacation is just okay for me n nothing special happen except YAZ n IKRAM fell in love. it the first honeymoon for KIRIN n ELLE. hmmmm thats all. i wish they have a grrrreat relationship.

okay now i wanna talk about when FARIS n KIRIN when to jaybee(my himetown). ok the first day they in jay bee i bring them to the happening place in jb (semua org cakab tmpt thu happening la) SAYAM its a typical kelantanese restaurant. there we all eat. then we all go pusing2 at danga bay. lalu ja la ta masok pon. ha den straight to habib to watch ARSENAL match where they drew again midlesbrough. what a shame. then we all go playing dota at GIGA.wahooooo. play untill 4.30 mcmthu then go home to get some rest.
the next day IKRAM ajak we all lepak at osman corner as a farewell to him kot sebab nk balik kl dah en. so he said that his bus willl bertolak at 4 pm but when we reached to the station bus he sad that his but bertolak at 4.30 what a fucker. ktorg kejar masa weh da la lepak lama kat habib en laaaahanat punyea IKRAM. ok la kan ha den lepak 30 menet kat bus station. as soon he naek the bus we all go stret to CITY SQUARE(one of jb faymes mall). KIRIN bought couple of tshirt n FARIS bought one tshirt. they like gay kapel buy the same kaler tshirt at the same shop.wth. hahahhaha lek lek jgn marah. den calling aeman n lut sebab nk g JUSCO TEBRAU(plaing best in malaysia) jalan sana kejab ja cause faris had gastrik attack. what a time to have gastric rite. we leave aeman n lut on their own n me KIRIN n FARIS when to the food court cause FARIS cannot tahan pedeh prot sbb gastrik. den my kazen said that he is in jusco with his gf. so we meet up n decided to brought KIRIN n FARIS to have dinner at LC CATERING to have ayam penyek. basically ayam goreng yg di penyekkan. after makan we head to my home to get FARIS card reader sebab AEMAN nk masok lagu kat henset dia.
so after finish all that we balik umah for tdow.
the next day my abg ipa use the car so we just lepaking at my house n watch some dbd n sleep. at night i brought them to my makcik house to get their bus ticket to balik kl. then i brought them to a restaurant to have dinner. n then balik to watch dbd again. *a very boring day i tell u.
the last day they at jb we just stay at the house and go to cc to on9 a bit. not much to do cause their bus will leave at 2.30 pm. so i send them to the bus station n wait for their bus.
when they gat inside the bus aku balik la sambong tdow. hahahhaha

ps:- YAZ- nnt aku blanja la kaw. aku ingat lg kaw blanja aku.
FARIS - weh lepak jb salu ah. kurg skit aku bli rokok.